White Noise

White Noise, a poem, is published at amphibi.us (pronounced amphibious). I was beginning to feel like an alien, like a different species when it came to men. Or maybe just one man. I wanted to catalogue the all the differences, but ended up instead with a love poem. 


Spinster, Stars & Maculomancy 

In the XLIV issue of Danse Macabre there exists three short poems. Spinster, completely confessional; In the beginning stars were more honest, just a fact; and Maculomancy: divination from the shape & placement of birthmarks, I guess that would be considered educational. 


Ouija Board Transcripts + excerpts 

Dinosaur Bees has two of my poems plus a art + poetry collaboration I did with Elizabeth Leavitt called fortunes + dibuixos. Ouija Board Transcipts is inspired by Sylvia Plath's & Ted Hughes' late nights and doomed love. I took the most heart baring lines I could find from the diaries of beautifully broken women and pieced them together to make excerpts


Parable + The Effects of Magic on Animals 

Two poems in Volume: 2 of [NERVE]. Parable is a tale of a broken friendship that took place in a past life. It's really about Karma and the repetition of damaged relationships that haunt you from life to life until you are able to break the pattern. The Effects of Magic on Animals is also about reincarnation told in the voice of a lonely squid. 


The Crumbling of Christ + Exodus 

Two poems in the Winter Issue of Convergence, an online journal of poetry + art. I'm a sucker for it because it's based out of Sacramento. The Crumbling of Christ and the Defrauding of Lucky Things is a love poem for someone that refuses to let me love him this lifetime, so I'm kinda waiting until he dies. Exodus is a true story. 


Define: Augury 

A poem featured at Clutching at Straws about my cross-country road trip and how I killed two birds with my car. Although I'm pretty sure one of them was a suicide. This goes out to you, bird.